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Fan Ming


Fan Ming




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 Secretary of the  Party Committee

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Ph.D. supervisor

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Enterprise Management

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Human Resource Developing and Managing  




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Fan Ming, comes from Jin Tan, Jiang Su. Chinese communist party members, professor,  Ph.D. supervisor. Pledged delegate in Jiang Su, Deputy to the  People's Congress, Legal committee of National People's  Congress in Jiang Su. He was graduated from Jiang Su Industry school and Shang  Hai Jiao Tong university In January 1982 and July 1987, and then got the PhD  degree in 2003 at He Hai university. He has successively held the posts of the  vice president of business management school of Jiang Su technology university,  the director of the school student work office, the minister of the school  student work department, the science and technology county magistrate of the Fu  Ning government. As vice secretary of party committee and vice president at  Jiangsu polytechnic university in July 1995, vice president of Jiangsu  university in August 2001, party secretary at Yangzhou university in January  2002, secretary of the party committee at Jiangsu university in June 2008. He  has been honored as Shanghai excellent graduate, excellent teaching and  education prize of the ministry of machinery industry, Jiangsu outstanding  technology assistant deputy county head.
He has long been engaged in  teaching and research work in management. So far, he has published more than 50  academic papers in magazines such as management world and 6 monographs. He has  also directed 8 Projects at and above provincial levels. He has owned 1 first  prize of Jiangsu Excellent teaching achievement, 2 second prize of college  education scientific research achievements, 2 third prize of excellent results  of the people's government of the social science and 1 third prize of technical  progress.


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