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Mei Qiang





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Management science and engineering

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Management theory and method,SME management  






Xue  Fu road 301, Zhenjiang, jiangsu university 212013


Prof. Qiang MEI is Director of the Commerce and Management Institute,  Jiangsu University. B.S in automotive design and manufacture from Jiangsu  University Ph.D in vehicle technical and economic analysis from Jiangsu  University.
The major research field has been focused on innovation management  and development of SMEs. Current projects include production safety regulation  of SMEs based on life value, SMEs' entrepreneurship in industry cluster,  labor-intensive SMEs' development and evolution path in the process of new-type  industrialization, the annual report of scientific and technological development  of the service industry in Jiangsu, entrepreneurship counseling skills research,  SMEs' entrepreneurship service and so on.
Publications  include Qiang Mei, Yumei Lu. Life value evaluation with CVM. Management World.  2008(06): 174-175, Qiang Mei, Guojian Ma. Study on the status of the credit in  the Yangzi river delta and the construction of an integrated credit system in  the delta. China Soft Science. 2007(06): 35-43, Qiang Mei, Yumei Lu. Review on  methods for evaluating the value of an statistical life. China Safety Science  Journal. 2007(03): 56-61, Qiang Mei, Yumei Lu,Li Han. Empirical analysis and  solution on regional characteristics of occupational injuries in small and  middle-sized enterprises. China Safety Science Journal. 2006(08): 37-42, Qiang  Mei, Zhenyu Xie, Guanbing Zhao. Research on business counseling and performance  system. Forum on Science and Technology in China, 2007(12): 47-51, Qiang Mei, Mo  Qin. The cooperation mechanism of enterprise and bank under re-guarantee system.  Statistics and Decision. 2008(08): 139-141, Qiang Mei, Wenyuan Li, Bangzhao  Wang, Yuting Gu. Region technological innovation initiative capacity appraisal  and coordinated development research of Jiangsu Province. Science and Technology  Management Research, 2007(12): 123-126 and so on.
Honors/AWARDS  include Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Prize for  Colleges and Universities (The Second Prize) awarded by Education Office of  Jiangsu Province in 2008, Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement  Prize (The Third Prize) awarded by Government of Jiangsu Province in 2007,  Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Prizes for Colleges and  Universities (The Third Prizes) awarded by Education department of China and  Education Office of Jiangsu Province respectively in 2006, Science and  Technology Progress Prize (The Third Prize) awarded by Government of Jiangsu  Province in 2004, Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Prize  (The Second Prize) awarded by Government of Jiangsu Province in 2006 and so on.  


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