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Zhou Lulin


Zhou Lulin




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Management science and engineering

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Medical insurance, health economic and management  





Xue Fu road 301, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu university 212013


Zhou Lulin, born in 1964. Doctor of management, professor, doctoral  supervisor, member of Chinese party. Director of teaching affairs office, director  of Public management, vice-president. Now serving as Party Secretary of School  of Business Administration of Jiangsu University, Dean of Institute of Medical  Insurance & Hospital Management, Member of National Instructive Committee of  Public Utilities Education (China), Standing Director of Chinese Health  Insurance & Health Management.
Professor Zhou has long been engaged in teaching and research work in  medical insurance and health economics. So far, he has published more than 50  academic papers in Chinese Health Economics Insurance Research and 8 monographs  such as Medical Insurance.
Among  them, "the medical insurance" is listed as province key construction and  high-quality teaching material and national ministry of education teaching  material in the "eleventh five-year plan". The management of the public services  (health insurance) major was prized as Jiangsu university brand major, Jiangsu  special major. The medical insurance course was rated as excellent course in  Jiangsu province.
Recent  years, he hosted many research project such as The world bank loan / The British  government grants China rural health development project (new farming and  funding research component) , The Humanities social sciences project of the  ministry of education(health insurance cost control research), The key projects  of the circ ministry research (health management operation model research based  on the health insurance), Soft science research project in Jiangsu province  (urban resident basic medical insurance system development research, new rural  cooperative medical evaluation research), etc. He also committed many projects  from Human and social security department (classification management of medical  treatment of insurance diagnosis and treatment project and its cost balance  relations), Jiangsu human and social security hall (comparative research of  medical insurance major disease safeguard level and payment), Jiangsu provincial  health bureau, etc. These projects won the third prize of Jiangsu province  philosophy social science, the third prize of Jiangsu province soft science  results, many achievements of province university philosophy social science  result and the excellent teaching achievement prize


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