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Du Jianguo



Du Jianguo

Professor, Doctoral  supervisor

ADDRESS :  School of  Management , Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang , China 212013  

PHONE :  (86) 511-88790922(O),  (86)013656137998

FAX :  (86) 511-88780186  

E-mail :  jgdu2005@163.com  

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Research  Interest

Dr. Du's major  research field and interests are focus on supply  chain management, computation experiment in economic science and management  science, regional economy and its evolution, and complex analysis and management  of economic systems. At the same time, Dr. Du instructs the graduate students  and do some other research.

Education  Background

06/1994 College Degree  in Mathematics Education, Southwest  Normal University , Chongqing , P. R. China

06/2000 MS in  Accounting,  School of Business Administration ,  Jiangsu  University of Science and Technology (now Jiangsu University ),  Zhenjiang  , P. R. China  

09/2005 Ph.D. in  Management Science, School of  Engineering and Management, Nanjing University , P. R. China  

06/2009 Postdoctoral  Study, School of business, Nanjing University , P.R. China, 2006  

09/2009 Senior  Visiting Scholar in Frankfurt  School of Finance and Management, Germany , 2009

Teaching  Courses

Undergraduate courses  taught

1. Management  information system

2. System Engineering  

Graduate courses  taught

1. MATLAB and  simulation of complexity of economic system and management system  

2. System method and  its application

Research  Achievement


1) Jianguo Du, Tingwen Huang, Zhao-han  Sheng, Haibin Zhang. A new method to control chaos in an economic system[J].  Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2010, 217(6): 2370-2380.  

2) Jianguo  Du, Zhaohan Sheng, Qiang Mei, Guojian Ma, Hui Huang. Study on Output Dynamic  Competition Model and its Global Bifurcation[J]. International Journal of  Nonlinear Sciences & Numerical Simulation, 2009, 10(1): 127-134.

3) Jianguo  Du, Tingwen Huang, Zhao-han Sheng. Analysis of Decision-making in Economic Chaos  Control[C]. Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications (2008), 10(4):  2493-2501.

4) Jianguo  Du, Tingwen Huang. New results on stable region of Nash equilibrium of output  game model[J]. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2007, 192(1):12-19.  

5) Du  Jianguo, Meng Qingfeng, Zhang Haibin. The  impact of lead time on supply risk based on Multi-agent simulation[C].  IEEE/SOLI'2008: Proceedings of 2008 IEEE International Conference on Service  Operations and Logistics, and Informatics, Vols 1 and 2: 2439-2444.  

6) Jianguo  Du, Faxin Cheng. A Study on Evolution of Rural-urban Income Inequality in China : 1993-2005[C]. Recent advance in statistics application  and related areas, part1 and part2, 2009.09: 1649-1654.

7) Zhaohan  Sheng, Jianguo Du. Methodological innovation and its practical application on  complex social and economic systems[J]. System Engineering Theory and Practice  in China , 2008, 28(s): 67-74.

8) Zhaohan  Sheng, Tingwen Huang, Jianguo Du, Qiang Mei, Hui Huang. Study on self-adaptive  proportional control method for a class of output models[J]. Discrete and  Continuous Dynamical Systems Series B, 2009, 11(2): 459-477.  

9) Zhaohan  Sheng, Jie Gao, Jianguo Du. Neo-schumpeterian evolutionary model of industrial  dynmnics based on NW model [J]. Journal of Management Sciences in China , 2007, 10(1): 1-8.

10) Zhaohan  Sheng, Yunzhang Hou, Xiaoling Wang, Jianguo Du. The evolution of cooperation  with memory, learning and dynamic preferential selection in spatial prisoner's  dilemma game[C]. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 96 (2008) 012107  doi:10.1088/1742-6596/96/1/012107.

11) Qiang  Mei, Zhao Li, Jianguo Du, Shouwei Li. An  analysis of the impact of safety production regulation on coal mining industry's  behavior evolution based on multi-agent model[C]. 2008 International Workshop on  Modelling, Simulation and Optimization, 281-284.

12) Jianguo  Du, Qian Li. Evolution analysis on economic growth difference in different  regions: 1993-2003[J]. Productivity Research in China ,  2009(19): 60-62.

13) Du  Jianguo, Sheng Zhaohan, Yao  Hongxing. Improvement and Complex Dynamics Analysis for Class of  Dynamic Game Model [J]. Journal of System Engineering in China , 2006,  21(1): 55-61.

14) Jianguo  Du, Yuhua Jiang, Zhenghua Li, Yongtai Chen. Study on regional knowledge  spillover in Yangtze River Delta[C]. Proceedings of the Fourth International  Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management, Chungli , Taiwan , 2010, 582-586.  

15) Du  Jianguo,  Sheng Zhaohan, Zhang Haibin. Comparative Analysis of Evolution between Economic  Development and Rural-urban Income Inequality in the Yangtze River Delta:  1993-2005. Conference of the International Institute of Applied Statistics  Studies, 2009 Qingdao  .

16) Du  Jianguo,  Sheng Zhaohan, Yao  Hongxing. Study on Straight-line Stabilization Method for Class of  Chaotic Economic Model [J]. Journal of System Engineering in China , 2005,  20(4): 335-343.

Represent  Projects

1) Supply  chain management: Coordination, optimization and computation (National Natural  Science Foundation of China: 70731002)

2)  Research on firms' environment behavior and its guiding policy based on  computational- experimental method (National Natural Science Foundation of  China: 71171099)

3)  Study on the evolution of corporate governance Based on the games of learning  theory (National Natural Science Foundation of China: 70571034)  

4)  Study on the evolution of region development inequalities about about the  Yangtze River Delta and it countermeasure (National Social Science Foundation of  China: 07CJL028)

5)  Study on safety production regulation  of SMEs Based on the life value  theory (National  Natural Science Foundation of China: 70773051)

6)  Study on basic theory, critical technology, and their applications of  computational  experiment for social science (National  Social Science Foundation of China for major invitation-for-bid project:  11&ZD169)

Honors and  Awards

1) Analysis of decision-making in economic chaos  control, second prize of outstanding achievements  of Philosophy and Social  Science in Jiangsu  Province Colleges and Universities, 2010.

2) Study on revolution  and policy of region development in China,  first prize of science  and technology awards from Jiangsu Industry Federation of China, 2009.  

3) A  study of complexity of economic system and management system: theory, methods  and its applications, third prize of outstanding achievements  of Philosophy and Social  Science in Jiangsu  Province , 2010  

Society  Memberships

The  director of Jiangsu Provincial Association of Productivity of China  


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