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Shi Guohong


Shi Guohong




School of Business Management

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Ph.D. supervisor

Research Area

Management science and engineering

Industrial engineering

Research Direction

Industrial engineering and quality management,Logistics and supply  chain management






Xue Fu road 301, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu university 212013


Shi Guohong, member of Chinese communist party, graduated from  Jiangsu industry school in January, 1982. In 1990 got the master degree of  logistics and supply chain management at Jiangsu science and technology  university. In 2004, went to Britain Middlesex University for academic research  as senior visiting scholars, the research direction was industrial engineering  (production operation management) and supply chain management. Now, he is the  professor of the business management school, the director of management  engineering research institute and Ph.D. supervisor.
He  has long been engaged in the teaching and research work of management science  and industrial engineering field and logistics management. He has achieved a lot  in logistics and supply chain management, production operation and management,  quality management and industrial engineering theory and technology application.  Now he holds 1 project of the national social science fund and takes participant  in the education ministry humanities and social science fund. He has also  finished 8 subjects and 6 projects and published 50-odd research papers on  magazines such as Management Science and Engineering and 6 monographs. He got  the prizes of Jiangsu philosophy and social science, excellent research  achievement prize of Jiangsu development planning commission, and so  on.
Main  social part-time job: member of Chinese mechanical engineering society  industrial engineering association and China machinery and equipment maintenance  and modification technology association.


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