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School of Management International Students Win the Konsung Cup Competition

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The Konsung Cup is a market research competition organized by Jiangsu Konsung Biomedical Science and Technology Co Ltd in collaboration with the School of Management and Overseas Education College of Jiangsu University. The competition initially began with a company visit on 16th June 2022. This tour exposed all the teams to different levels of experiences and presented good opportunities in understanding the usage and sales of medical equipment, regardless of the major of all the participants. Admittedly, the competition granted students the chance to demonstrate their academic and practical skills through the three stages: Konsung medical brand culture market research, brand analysis, and brand sales with a strong team spirit.

The competition lasted for six months and there were eighteen teams in total. At the end of the competition, team eleven which is made up of four students from the School of Management and one student from the School of Medicine won in the first and second stages of the contest. All participants were happy about such a thought-through competition and wished that more of such competitions can be organized in the near future for other students to also participate and develop their skills and potential.

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